Temp Workers United

Workers are tired of being exploited and discriminated against, so we’re taking a stand!

As millions of workers continue to struggle to find work many of them have turned to temp staffing agencies to make ends meet. Yet this is an industry rife with exploitation. Temp staffing agencies have repeated bias in who they hire. Their policies contribute to driving wages and conditions to the bottom for all workers. They provide minimal training, leading to unsafe conditions for workers and everyone else on the job site. To top it all off, they routinely engage in wage theft.

We’re tired of their long history of committing workplace abuses, eliminating full-time jobs for the biggest profits, and shielding employers from violating state laws about fair hiring. Which is why we launched our Temp Workers United campaign - to take a stand for all the workers who have suffered at the hands of temp agencies.

We’re standing up for temp workers in the South and Southwest who won’t take it anymore.

Hundreds of Temp Workers have testified and are coming together to demand agencies provide fair wages and raise worker standards.That means an end to unfair hiring practices, age, gender, and race discrimination, deceiving workers into jobs that do not pay well, do not provide the appropriate training, and stealing their wages.

We refuse to let temp workers keep existing in the shadows of this economy. We’re putting them front and center and demanding better treatment for them TODAY!