School of Organizing

The school of organizing scaffolds and supports new and emerging organizers in the South and Southwest, to succeed in their role, learn from and reflect on best practices, and apply them through real-time work in their organizations.

“This is my first time being part of a cohort and a training that went over months. It was incredibly valuable not only WHAT we learned but additionally that we were able to put into practice in real time that which we learned. Being able to bounce ideas off of each other, coming together for a blitz, having subject matter experts and constant panelists to speak to us on their learnings and wisdom was a beautiful experience.
Overall incredible!” - 2022 Cohort Member

The School of Organizing is a collaboration between Unemployed Workers United and On Point Studios to scaffold and support new and emerging organizers through hands-on campaign accompaniment, a structured training series, and participation in a community of practice rooted in the South and Southwest. This six-month intensive training program includes virtual and a week-long in-person field training. We divide our work into four key learning areas: Campaign Strategy, Distributed Organizing, Data & Digital, and Base Building.

Campaign Strategy

The fundamentals of making assessments, identifying demands, targets, power-mapping, and sequencing tactics.

Distributed Organizing

How to build systems that empower volunteers, create entry-points, and go to scale.

Data & Digital

Use the latest tools and access data sets to find, connect with, and activate the right people with the right ask at the right time.

Base Building

Irreplaceable organizing skills of one-on-one's, team and committee building, agitation, interest, and empowerment.