We are Organized Power in Numbers

We supercharge change efforts in the South and Southwest and level up campaigns that reach millions to win for workers everywhere.

At Organized Power in Numbers, we know workers and their communities don’t get power through backroom deals, big campaign contributions, or being related to someone in office. We get power when we come together.

The solutions to today’s problems already exist. The number of people who want a better way already exists. What doesn’t exist yet is a big enough movement to challenge the status quo and build a country and economy that centers workers instead of corporations and billionaires.

That’s why we built Organized Power in Numbers.

We combine tried and true organizing with top-of-the-line data and digital tools to reach millions of people, invite them into movement, and level up campaigns that win for workers, their families, and their communities.

We utilize online and offline base building and organizing strategies, comprehensive campaigns, strategic litigation, communications, and policy advocacy to create diverse solutions, win concrete, transformative demands that improve working people’s lives, and promote civic engagement at the local, state, and national levels with a focus on the South and Southwest. We chose to build our work in the South and Southwest where the majority of our people - working class people of color - live in the United States.

We find people who our movements aren’t yet talking to and move them into action through campaigns and membership in unions and grassroots organizations and the broader labor movement.

By making digital and tech tools for mass scale outreach accessible beyond electoral campaigns and large national organizations, we inject capacity during critical moments to advance campaigns that are fighting for workers rights, racial, and economic justice.

Our Team

Our staff brings technical and organizing expertise in large scale campaigning from the labor movement and electoral campaigns. Above all they bring a passion and desire to win for workers.

Our Founding Executive Director, Neidi Dominguez, is a committed organizer, experienced campaigner, and recognized leader of the immigrant rights and workers rights movements, and has been recognized as a Ford Global Fellow and an Aspen Job Quality Fellow for her leadership in the labor movement.

Senior Staff

Neidi Dominguez Zamorano

Founding Executive Director

Neidi Dominguez is the founding Executive Director of Organized Power In Numbers, formerly known as Unemployed Workers United. Neidi is a committed organizer, experienced campaigner, and visionary strategist in the immigrant rights and workers rights movements, and has been recognized as a Ford Global Fellow and an Aspen Job Quality Fellow for her leadership in the labor movement.

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Rosemarie Molina

Deputy Executive Director

Claudia Magaña

Campaigns Director

Lynn Hứa

Digital Organizing Director

Mike Cassidy

Communications Director

Caroline Picker

Development Director

Jessica Bansal

Legal Director

José Méndez

Finance and Operations Director

Kim Selig

Technology Director

Melody Hernandez

Human Resources Director

All Staff

Yarely Aguirre

National Digital & Distributed Organizer

Tony Andrys

Data and Analytics Specialist

Jalil Austin

Tools and Training Specialist

Janyce Cardenas

NM Campaign Manager

Sean Carter Villatoro

Data & Tools Coordinator

Bee Castro

National Digital Organizer

Keally Cieslik

Staff Attorney

Sebastian Del Portillo Estrada

Arizona Campaign Manager

Erica England

Strategic Partnerships Coordinator

Mauricio Escobar

National Digital Organizer

Taylor Jackson

National Digital Organizer

Karina Lopez

National Digital Organizer

Andrea Luna Cervantes

Arizona Community Organizer

Wacira Maina

Deputy Director of Communications

Litzi Martinez

ABQ Field Organizer

Alex Quintero

Communications Specialist

Evelynne Rodas Castillo

Phoenix Field Organizer

Bailee Stewart

Development Associate

Rachael Stryer

Legal Fellow

Mary Torres Cardona

Graphic Designer

Kelly Wilken

Operations and Finance Administrative Assistant

Jazmine Williams

National Digital Outreach Coordinator

Tanisha Williams

Social Media Coordinator