Public Utility for the Movement

We grow the movement ecosystem by providing strategic support, digital and data tools, and technical assistance to organizations in order to build their capacity, infrastructure, membership, and working-class power.

We use the data and digital tools that power presidential campaigns to find people who our movements aren’t yet talking to and move them into action through strategic campaigns and membership in unions and grassroots organizations.

We engage in strategic partnerships to help labor and social justice organizations build digital infrastructure and reach masses of people our movements aren't yet talking to and move them into action.

We build new lists of people frequently left out of the voter file using publicly available and commercial data combined with innovative tactics, data modeling that accurately identifies poor and working-class people of color to exponentially expand reach, and creatively acquiring lists of potential leads for partners’ campaigns.. With these lists, we can peer-to-peer text people at scale to engage them and then create systems for them to be contacted by organizers on the ground. This maximizes organizers' efficiency, dramatically broadening their reach and increasing retention.

We build data and digital infrastructure for partner organizations and our own campaigns, and strategic advising about how to best use these tools and tactics through our collective expertise in strategic campaigns, communications, and legal and policy work. We have supported over 60 organizations in this way, because many of the tech and data tools required for this work are prohibitively expensive for smaller organizations.

We’ve reached 22 million people, built an active list of 350,000 of working class people of color in the South and Southwest, and supported over 60 organizations with our digital infrastructure and expertise.

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