We are Organized Power in Numbers.

We combine tried and true organizing with top-of-the-line data and digital tools to build worker power in the South and Southwest and to level up campaigns that reach millions.

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Unemployed Workers United is now Organized Power in Numbers.

We get power when we get together.

Workers and their communities don’t get power through backroom deals, big campaign contributions, or being related to someone in office. We get power when we get together.

The solutions to today’s problems already exist. What doesn’t exist yet is a big enough movement to challenge the status quo and build a country and economy that centers workers instead of corporations and billionaires.

Our Campaigns

Our mission is to level up campaigns and win big for workers, their families, and their communities.

Power up Harris County

Creating a sustainable energy hub and good union jobs in Texas.

Take Back Our Homes

Building power for dignified housing for all.

Temp Workers United

Stopping exploitation and discrimination in the temp staffing industry.

Power Up Bern Co.

Building a new generation of skilled workers in New Mexico leading the way in the green economy.

Public Utility for the Movement

Helping partners level up their campaigns with digital and data infrastructure.

School of Organizing

Training new leaders and organizers in our movement ecosystem.